Monday, September 5, 2011

Not so perfect crafter (and an apron pattern)

It seems there are 2 types of crafters. Those who strive to make something as close as possible to perfection and those who do not. I'm definitely more in the second category.

Martha Stewart, I am not.

Sometimes I think I should rename my blog something like "mistakes not to make in sewing" or "type B sewist". I'm not a perfectionist and I'm ok with leaving mistakes visiable, to a point.

When making something like pjs for my kids, I really don't care about mistakes, short of when I acidently sew the sleeve to the neck or something unwearable like that (yes, I've done it). When I make a mistake I first think, who will see this? Just my family, not such a big deal. Then does it effect the function or will I cringe every time I see it. If yes, I try to fix or cover it.

Some mistakes this week :)

I made another apron. This is Butterick  5263. I love aprons with full coverage. This pattern was written to be reversible (double layered) but I didn't want this. I didn't want the heat or to waste fabric. (plus, I didn't read the directions but I would have done this even if I did read them).  Often I use patterns just for cutting out stuff and I really should read more :)
Anyway, I found this super cute fabric in a remnant bin of a local store a few months ago and it YELLED "make me into an apron!" I wish I had more because I only had enough for the front.  Oh well.

I'm starting to think I'm required one stupid mistake per sewn item. So, for this item, my stupid mistake was cutting both pockets with the fabric facing  the same way. Yes, right sides together is how to do it and some how I managed to mess it up. Luckily, I had more of this fabric and fixed it.

mistake number 2 - when sewing FOE or binding, it's best to start at the same place on each pocket. Yes, another "oh-well".

I used some vintage buttons I got in a swap years ago for the back.

Overall, I love it. Nice full coverage and comfy.
So, modifications to this pattern:
- not reversible
- used FOE instead of binding for the pockets
- because it's not reversible, I turned & top stitched the edges.


PlainCatholic said...

Fab fabric. It's perfect for hiding my spills and spots too!

Carrie - Young Living Oil Lady said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love your apron! Thanks for sharing! One of these days I will learn to sew. I know how to knit and I taught my boys, yes boys! Next... how to sew :)

TopazGirl said...

Really cute!!