Friday, February 3, 2012

Jean conversion skirt

I've seen these for years and really wanted to make one, but was just being lazy.

A few months ago, I bought some jeans at a local thrift store to make myself a skirt or two. Time when by and they sat in my sewing room. Finally, the day came to make my skirt!

This was my first attempt. I checked out a few tutorials online and got the idea of how to do it. Next time I'll make it a little shorter. I do love this super long skirt, but it's hard to walk in at times, especially steps and it was hard to get into our van wearing it.

My next one will also be all denim instead of this version with the blue fabric in the back. It turns out it matches this one shirt and sweater I have quite well, so I'll leave it on this skirt.


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