Friday, December 14, 2012

Hooded Scarf

I'm going up to the mountains with my older Girl Scout troop this weekend and it's going to be cold!
Living in Southern California, I don't have weather for freezing weather and for that trip to see the snow maybe twice a year, I just manage to put together something. This weekend we'll be outside doing stuff all weekend and it'll be possibly snowing all day Saturday. I had to develop something.

A hooded scarf was what I wanted. So, I started to knit one up. I hit a point last night when I realized that I would not be completing this project in the next 24 hours and had to come up with plan B.

So, this morning I made one from fleece that I had bought many years ago. I love it.

How to make one (sorry no pictures of the process):
1. fold fleece in half. Find a hooded shirt/sweatshirt that fits well and trace the hood onto the fabric, leaving about 3/4 inch  of fabric between the edge of the hood and your cutting line (seam allowance). I actually didn't trace mine, just cut it.
This will give you 2 halves of a hood. If you want it lined, make 2 more halves.

2. Sew the two halves together, along the curved side only. If you have a second set, do this to this one too. Then trim the curves and put the 2 hoods together, right sides together. Sew along the front edge (the part that will be by your face). Flip right side out and topstitch.

3. Cut another long piece of fleece as long as you want the scarf by double the width (you'll be folding it in half longwise). Open it up so you have a flat rectangle. Place the hood's raw edge along the edge of the scarf, centered. Roll the hood a little and fold the scarf in half longwise, encasing the hood. Sew along the long edge of the scarf, catching the hood edge.

4. reach into the tube and reverse the scarf, so it's right side out. Tuck in the ends and sew. top stitch if you wish.

Some lovely pre-shower pictures.

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