Friday, November 16, 2012

Over the top Tunic

Back to reviewing patterns and getting my crafting self busy again.

While I love wearing skirts and a t-shirt much of the time, I've found I want to wear jeans some days. That said, I'm not crazy about the look of t-shirts with jeans on me. Add to this, my shape isn't easy to find clothing for, so I've been on the search for a variety of tunics and longer tops that cover the waist area well, without making me look six month pregnant. This seems to be a big challenge.

Indygo Junction's "Over the Top" tunic is one I do really like. I have made it three times and haven't been disappointed.

The first one I made was out of crinkle gauze and sleeveless. LOVE it! I didn't like how the ties looked on this and ended up sewing this with a little bit of a curve at the waist, cutting out the ties, and it gave it a better fit. This version, my first, I made by cutting the back piece as two and sewing together. In more recent ones, I just cut on the fold and adjusted the facing.

The next one was also sleeveless but out of a nice cotton batik. I put the ties on this version and like it too.

The sleeveless versions have been great basics for me. Worn with a tank in the summer or a long sleeve shirt in the winter.

I decided to give the sleeves a try recently. I didn't like the longer bell looking sleeves, so I cut them short. This one also has the ties, but I'm thinking of cutting them out and resewing with a slight curve at the waist. As with the others, I had to take in the front shoulders a little to fit me better. I have broad shoulders and a smaller chest, so often tops don't fit me correctly.

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